Photo: IPRD, Jharkhand

Polling concluded today on 12th May for the sixth phase of the third phase (Election Commission of India) in Jharkhand, 6-Giridih, 7-Dhanbad, 9-Jamshedpur and 10 -Singhbhum Lok Sabha seat. 64.46 percent (tentative) voting for these four seats was recorded.

65.93 in Giridih, 59.6 in Dhanbad, 66.44 in Jamshedpur and 67.79 percent of voters in Singhbhum voted. Mr. L. Khiyangate, Chief Electoral Officer, told today that there was no information of any disturbances during the voting of these four seats. Voting took place in peaceful and fair manner in all the polling stations. In a press conference, Mr. Vinay Kumar Choubey, Additional Chief Electoral Officer, Dr. Amitabh Kaushal, Additional Chief Electoral Officer and Mr. Ashish Batra, Inspector General of Police (Campaign) and State Police Nodal Officer were present.

In the third phase, for the Giridih, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur and Singhbhum seats, 82.7 percent of the voters used their franchise. Mr. Khiyangate said that adequate arrangements were made on the polling stations for facilitating of the Divyang voters. The result of this was that the Divyang voters took part in the voting in large numbers.

Mr. Khiyangate said that for the Giridih, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur and Singhbhum seats, 64.53 percent voting was registered in 2014, while in 2019 64.46 percent voting percentage (tentative). Giridih had 64.25 percent voting in 2014, this time the voting percentage was 65.93 percent. Similarly, for Dhanbad seat in 60.53 percent in 2014, 59.60 in 2019, 66.33 percent in 2014 for Jamshedpur constituency, 66.44 percent for this time and for the Singhbhum seat, 69.0 percent in 2014 and 67.79 percent of the voters used their franchise.

Mr. Khiyangate said that since the announcement of the date of elections, 262 complaints related to violation of Model Code of Conduct on C-Vigil for Giridih, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur and Singhbhum seats were recorded. In this, at the level of the DCC at 76 and at the level of R / ARO, 100 cases were dropped while 84 cases were found correct.

Mr. Khiyangate said that a total of 5652 applications were received on the convenience app for opening the rally, ambitious assembly, helipad construction and temporary party office by candidates and political parties for the entire Jharkhand elections. Of these, 3608 applications were settled within the stipulated time frame. He said that out of the 1569 applications available for the convenience app for the Giridih, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur and Singhbhum Lok Sabha constituencies under the third phase in Jharkhand, 1018 were accepted.

Comparative statement of voting percentage in 2014 and 2019

Name of Lok Sabha constituency Voting percentage in 2014 poll percentage in 2019 (estimated)

                                     2014            2019

6-Giridih                       64.26         65.93
7-Dhanbad                   60.57         59.60
9-Jamshedpur              66.37         66.44
10-Singhbhum (ST)      69.04         67.79
Average Votes              64.57         64.46

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