BJP led by  Chief Minister Raghubar Das is leaving no stone unturned to win the Assembly elections in Jharkhand, but the ride to retain power is not going to be without any challenge. The main Opposition party JMM is trying to create a tough battle in Adivasi and Muslim dominated constituencies of the state.
In fact, father Shibu Soren and his son Hemant Soren who are two ex-Chief Ministers and JMM's President and Acting President respectively, are busy oiling the party machine and activise workers. Both figures in party powered billboards put up across roads, highways in Ranchi and adjoining areas of Jharkhand.

Ahead of Assembly polls announcement by the Election Commission, these JMM billboards have a very short text. However, indications are many. 

One, the party is using the twin image of father and son to defeat the ruling BJP and sail through.

Two, it is slated to hold a mega rally in Ranchi on October 18. The rally is billed as "Badlaow Maha Rally(Maha Rally for Change)

Three, each of billboard carries a fresh slogan in common- Badlo Sarkar, Pawo Adhikar(Change the government, Get Empowered.

Finally, the background colour of billboards near Suchna Bhawan, Ranchi, is in two colors-Black and White.No body knows why.


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