The BJP and its allies,who have made a vociferous and strong demand for dissolution of the Assembly and holding of the mid term polls in Jharkhand,are groping for an effective strategy to keep up the momentum on the issue.

Since the Congress led government at the Centre has taken a decision to continue with the President’s Rule,the allies-BJP,JD(U) and All Jharkhand Students Union-are prompted to keep on parroting the demand for several counts:they do not want to let go of the issue since it impinges on both the rural and urban electorates;they know that the President’s Rule can not continue without approval of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha where the Congress and its allies are not in a majority;and they do not want to let the President’s Rule continue to give an edge to the Congress.

Though these allies and their MLAs have already perched themselves in their respective constituencies,each was busy chalking out strategy to out smart the Congress which has sought to gain popularity by its three decisions.

One,not to form government with the controvercial JMM and Independents like Geeta Koda,Hari Narain Rai and Enos Ekka who were out of jail on bail on corruption charges.Two,appointing two Advisors-Madhukar Gupta and Vijay Kumar-who were considered honest and upright.Three,allowing a fair and well meaning leader and Union Rural Development Minister Jai Ram Ramesh to supervise the government from outside.

This had not only taken the wind out of the BJP led allies’ sails,but also numbed the JMM’s ambition to form the government.In fact,the JMM,slated to hold a rally in Dumka on February 2,finds itself to be somewhat defensive now.

So if it did not agree to form the government with the JMM and the tainted Independents,the Congress can continue the President’s Rule upto the end of six months and without even bothering to get it approved by the Parliament,dissolve the Assembly and thereby get six more months to rule and conduct the Assembly polls under the Central rule.

Aware that it can harm them electorally,the BJP and its allies maintained that they would continue to mount pressure on the Congress led Centre till the Assembly was dissolved.


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