Pic shows JMM leaders Shibu Soren and his son Hemant

While an assessment in JMM has tagged its president Shibu Soren’s son Hemant as chief minister in the making,Congress’s dilly dallying in taking decision to form coalition government in Jharkhand,may well create a Catch -22 situation.

If Hemant is not accepted by Congress as CM,it may create a certain disaffection among a group of JMM MLAs whose political career depend on Sorens’ support,and if he was made the CM,his dedtractors within could be up in arms.

Hemant is still quiet.But while Congress should be quietly heaving a shy of relief as party veterans do not hang up their gloves voluntarily,Congress high command’s decision is desperately awaited by JMM led by Sorens.

In any case,JMM is slated to hold its core committee’s meeting inside the official residence of senior Soren in Ranchi tomorrow.Sorens know that the Congress may well push tribals out of their fold,especially with its leaders Jai Ram Ramesh and Rahul Gandhi sticking to pro tribal agenda.

JMM’s projection,albeit blatantly,of junior Soren as CM contender,could add to its tribal woes.Already senior party MLAs including Simon Marandi, Nalin Soren and Hemlal Murmu were marginalized within and junior’s Soren’s promotion from Deputy CM in the BJP led government to CM now may not go down well with his opponents within the party.

Apart from the tainted Independents such as Enos Ekka and Hari Narain Rai,who were out of jail on corruption charges,and whose support was crucial for JMM-Congress-RJD coalition government formation,involvement of half a dozen MLAs in the cash-for-vote scam being investigated by the CBI,the dilemma has kept the Congress in a huddle till date.


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