*Practising Robin Minz is shown in this picture courtesy Instagram

Gujarat Titans picked his 21-year-old son Robin for Rs 3.60 crore after an intense bidding war with Mumbai Indians IPL match.

The Minz family has roots in Telgaon, a village in the tribal belt in Gumla district. Cricket is not the biggest sport in the region that has produced several world-class hockey players. 

The Lakra siblings Bimal, Birendra, and Asunta are from Gumla. His father, a 48-year-old retired Army man, Francis Xavier Minz. Working as a security guard, employed by a firm, at Ranchi airport. 

Francis, too, was into sports, and it was his love for athletics that got him a job in the Army. After joining the armed forces, the family moved to Ranchi. It was here that Robin picked up cricket and like most kids in the 2000s, aspired to be like the Ranchi city’s prince  MS Dhoni.


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