Prepare Kissan Card for farmers,directs CS

Jharkhand Chief Secretary Raj Bala Verma on Saturday directed the state agriculture officers to visit every cultivable land and bring awareness among farmers across the state.

Giving directives to them in the backdrop of 2016-17 plan target,the CS said that the Krishi Vikas Kendra in league with the Agriculture Technology Management Agency should mobilise farmers in every village and prepare profile of agriculture land and barren land.

“Make two Krishi Mitras(Agriculture Friends) in every village,train them so that they bring awareness among farmers to prepare and cultivate their land for two crops.Give importance to agri-business and prepare a road map to set up Seed village(Beej Gram)”,said the CS adding that a cell for the chemical fertiliser and lisence will be given to LAMPS and PACS.

She said,though there were 24 KVKs,there was a big gap between the target and achivements.The CS who addressed the state agriculture officers inside the Project Bhawan in Raanchi on Saturday,directed that in the form of Soil Health Card,the Kissan Card should be prepared for farmers.


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