Link DBT with Aadhaar seeding on a mission mode,directs CS

Jharkhand Chief Secretary Raj Bala Verma on Fridaydirected the concerned authorities to work on a mission mode to move forward the Direct Benefit Transfer(DBT) by linking it with Aadhaar seeding.

This means that  Aadhaar can be linked to any beneiciary’s existing account so that the fund is transferred to him/her through the Bank’s Internet Banking portal.

The CS also told them to prepare a list of consumers who had stopped taking subsidy.She made it clear that the payment will be made to teachers who were working on wages(Para Teachers) by way of the Aadhaar seeding.

The state Finance Department’s cell of the DBT should be re-located and restructured.The CS directed the Departments of Finance,Rural Development,Civil Supply,School Education,Literacy,Welfare,Women,Child Development and Social Security,Institutional Financial and UID to link DBT with Aadhaar seeding.

In fact,the PM Narendra Modi had taken initiative in this direction and as a result,the DBT has resulted in significant savings across welfare schemes.

“It has also resulted in weeding out of duplicate beneficiaries. For instance, over 1.6 crore bogus ration cards have been deleted, resulting in savings of about Rs. 10,000 crore. Similarly, 3.5 crore duplicate beneficiaries were weeded out in the PAHAL scheme, resulting in savings of over Rs. 14,000 crore in 2014-15 alone. In MGNREGS too, a saving of Rs. 3000 crore (roughly 10 per cent) has been estimated in 2015-16. Several States and Union Territories too have achieved significant savings through DBT”

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