Where many citizens have been suffering from shortage of drinking water in this peak of summer in Ranchi.followers of Paramhansa Yogda Nanda planned and intervened.Result?

The Yogoda Satsanga Ashram today started supplying drinking water in the areas where water has been a rare commodity since the summer set in.The move was backed by Ranchi Municipal Corporation,a state government run body.

It is learnt that Yogoda Satsang Ashram is planning to supply 3000 literes of water in tankers to the people in affected areas of Ranchi.

To launch the campaign today,Jharkhand Urban Development Minister C. P. Singh and Swami Smaranananda Giri departed two tankers in presence Ranchi Mayor Asha Lakra, Deputy Mayor Sanjeev Vijayvargia and Municipal Commissioner Prashant Kumar.


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