The Chhau Mahotsav today entered 5th day when the dancers offered prayers at the Goddess Mother Jhumkeshwari,sought her blessings and the attractive dancer from Patna presented mind boggling dance-Shivtandav.

The traditional belief is that when the God Shiva staged Tandav,Goddess Sarswati played Veena(a stringed musical instrument),God Indra played the Flute,God Brahma kept the Rythm,Goddess Lakshmi sang,God Vishnu played the Mrudanga(a type of drum) and all other Deities stood around and watched the dance.In this form of dance the God Shiva has two arms,and the scene of a demon being crushed under His feet was absent.

Though all these were not visible at Saraikela-Kharsawan,the dancers were seen going up in the air with musical instruments in their hands.This left the entire in grip of tradition which appeared to have mesmerised the audience.

Before presenting the Shivtandav,Pundit Shayamanchal said that it is the most popular form in ‘Strotkavya.

Incidentally,on this occasion,the members of the Young Culture Centre performed Yog at the venue.

*Picture shows tranditional dancers on fifth day of the Chhau Mahatotsav in Saraikela-Kharsawan.


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