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A good news is that CSC SPV has received the license for National Level internet service provider (ISP), VLEs would now be able to deliver internet services to the citizens,according to

“The delivery of the services would be linked to NOFN activation in the Panchayat. Wherever NOFN has been activated, VLEs shall pursue with district administration for co-location of CSC. Once the co-location is done, the infrastructure for WiFi enablement would be supported by CSC SPV. VLEs can deliver internet service to all the customers”,said the same source.

It adds as follows:

“First pilot to start on 4th April in Faridabad District.

About 45 VLE Societies have been formed at District level across the country. These societies have also formed WhatsApp group. Issues regarding service delivery through CSC are discuss by the VLEs in this WhatsApp group. This is a unique example of cooperative relationship in helping and supporting each other.

All other VLEs at district level shall also form similar Society and form a WhatsApp group.”


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