Birla Institute of Technolgy,Mesra,Ranchi presents BITOSAV’16.During this annual socio-cultural event this time,the Indian Air Force Commanders from its Disha Cell of the Air Headquarters, Delhi,blessed the grounds of BIT,Mesra,Ranchi with their presence.

They elaborated on the benefits of being a part of the Indian Air Force while presenting a real life simulation of cockpit of the SU-30-MKI aircraft in their simulator equipped bus.

Their objective was to encourage students to join the airforce by giving young engineers knowledge about the latest military aircrafts like Mirage 2000, SU-30 MKI and the MI 17 and elaborating upon the benefits given by the government to defense personnel.

They have been exhibiting about the Indian Air Force in colleges all over the country since the last year and will continue to do so till the 30th on March this year.

They have covered 37 educational institutes across 22 cities traveling around 8000 kms in their journey so far. They have inspired many youngsters at BIT and were elated to see the enthusiasm from young BITian’s as they stepped forward to sign up for the Air Force.


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