Most popular landmark in the town of Hazaribagh is the Canary Hill.

This hill is situated in the middle of dense forest and has a tiny lake at its base. To explore this hill, one should either climb the steps to the top or take a car and drive up to a guest house at the top of a hill near the forest,says Mritunjay Sharma,who had entered into Limca Book o Records after fining the biggest Anthill there.

In fact,the rest house is a strong structure that includes an observation tower with it.”From this observation tower, tourists can get a view of the entire forested area of Eastern Hazaribagh. On the other hand, people climbing the stairs can get a view of the Western Hazaribagh, which is the main town and can also see the sunset from the top while climbing the steps”,said a tourist who visited Canary or Kaneri Hill.

Sharma had taken a picture showing the sun set from canary Hill area of Hazaribagh.”It is the world class tourist site”,said Sharma.

*Mritunjay Sharma’s Picture shows the beauty of the Sun set from top of canary Hill,hazaribagh.


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