Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das today reviewed the complaints received by the Jansamvad Kendra during his Jansamvad programme at Suchna Bhawan in Ranchi.

Addressing the concerned officers during the Jansamvad,the CM said:”To put up an obstacle before a citizen to lodge complaint is violation of natural justice.We have received a complaint that some persons were trying to stop people visit Ranchi to lodge complaint”,said the CM.

“They were saying ‘don’t go to Ranchi,I will address your grievance here itself’.This is wrong and it is not acceptable”,observed the CM.

The CM opined that every body knows that the complaints lodged at Jan samvad Kendra were examined by him and not by any body else or the department.The need of the hour is that officers should review their works on their own so that they can understand where they are right and where they are wrong”,said the CM adding that “Good Governance means that the administration takes note of the genuine complaint on its own.”

The CM appreciated the ‘good works’ being done by many officers during his speech at the Jansamvad programme at Suchna Bhawan.


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