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Financial data gathered by the state Finance Department revealed that Jharkhand led by the BJP government has performed statisfactorily this year(2015-16) in comparison to the previous year(2014-15).

As a result of the state government led by Chief Minister Raghubar Das’s commitment to implement the development schemes,nearly Rs 27,993.20 crore was utilised under the plan and non-plan sectors during April1-December 31 which turns out to be 50.44 percent of the total annual budget outlay for 2015-16,said Jharkhand Principal Secretary(Finance)Amit Khare today.

Khare said,during the current financial year(2015-16) Rs 15258.36 crore was spent under the plan sector which turns out to be 49.33 percent whereas in the non plan sector Rs 12734.84 crore was spent which turns out to be 54.52 percent.

During this financial year,the expenditure under the plan sector had increased.This was evident from the fact that while during the period -April1-December 31 in 2014-15,the expenditure was R8209.30 crore, whereas during the current fiscal(2015-16) in the same period the expendditure was Rs 15,258.36 crore.”This is a subject of satisfaction”,said Khare.

Khare said that during the last financial year(2014-15)Rs 19,480 crore was made available.Against this Rs 8209.30 crore -meaning 42.14 percent- was spent during April1-December 31.However,during the same period in the current fiscal(2015-16) R15258.36 crore against ther total outlay of Rs 30931.40 was spent which turns out to be 49.33 percent,said Khare.

He said that during April1-December 31,2015,important departments had collected Rs 9998.21 crore.The growth rate of revenue collection was 21.62 percent.’Efforts were on to increase the percentage of revenue”,said Khare.


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