Jharkhand Labor,Employment,Training and Skills Development Minister Raj Pliwar today held “Janta darbar” at CM Secretariat in Ranchi.

In fact,70 persons apprised him of their problems.Most of these problems raised by them were connected with the the prevalent work culture of the police personnel.

Responding to their problems,Pliwar rang up the DGP D.K.Pandey and told him to direct the police personnel posted in different police stations to work and address the concerns of the people.

Giving details of his problem,Bhola Prasad,father a staff of the Jharkhand Assembly,Ajay Kumar.who was missing for quite some time,sought help from Pliwar to get his son recovered.In response,Pliwar rang up the DGP and directed him to initiate appropriate move to recover Kumar.

In the Janta Darbar,16 cases related with the land were recorded.In addition,cases linked with the family dispute,job on the basis of Anukampa,torture by the police and fund for medicare.The Minister immediately rang up the concerned officers and asked them to solve them.


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