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Beware!Citizens of Ranchi will have to a pay fine of Rs 5000 if any one of them dared to litter or pee or left dirty and sewage water flow from his/her house to drains in his locality.

To collect the fine,private security guard will be deployed by the Ranchi Municipal Corporation.A decision in this regard was taken by the RMC City Commissioner.To begin with 100 security guards are going to be posted in Ranchi.The process to select them is going to be started soon.In addition,the fine will be collected from a citizen who will be found urinating in public place and make it dirty by leaving cow dung in public place or common road.

More,the fine is going to be imposed on those people who will be found encroaching the government land to put up Thela,Khomcha,Dhaba and so on.The RMC's move was aimed at keeping ranchi clean under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  

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