*Picture shows the Muharat of the Diwangi film in the making at Audrey House in Ranchi on March 22,2017.

The Muharat of the film-Diwangi-was made by Jharkhand Sports and Culture Minister Amar Kumar Bauri today at Audrey House in Ranchi.Diwangi,produced by Ma Film Production and directed by Rajiv Sinha,is a family drama in Kortha language of local tribals as well as non tribals-Sadans.During the Muharat,the first scene of the film was shot.Since Kortha is spoken in several districts in Jharkhand and its adjoining areas of West Bengal,Orissa,Chattisgarh,it is expected to be shown in these states as well.

"Make the film in local languages",advised Bauri.The state government led by Chief Minister Raghubar Das has adopted a film policy.

"This policy is backing local producers",said the Minister.During the Muharat,Diwangi  film Director Rajiv Sinha,Actor Raman Gupta,Actress,Tusha,Monoka Mundu and Riya Bharti were present.

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