*Successful students dance as JAC authorities declared Class X and XII results in Ranchi on May 30,2017.Image by Ratan Lal

Students are celebrating after Jharkhand Academic Council(JAC) declared Class X &Class XII results 2017.

They were in cheers not only because they had scored high.But the state government authorities have a major cause of concern.Reason?

The results were poor.Only 57.91 percent and 52.35 percent of total students of Class X and Class XII respectively had passed.The rest had failed.Why?

While the State Education Department may examine the cause of poor results, roots were centred around shortage of teachers and incompetent teachers who lacked knowledge to teach, said Geeta Singh,a sociologist.

However, Singh said these teachers were much better than their counterparts in Bihar where the results were worse.In Bihar, nearly 70 percent students in Class XII Science had failed as only 30.11% students had passed.Even Arts,62.87 percent students had failed.In Commerce,73.76 percent and in Arts 37.13 percent had passed.

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