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Dumka a district in Jharkhand is all over the news for a bad reason.

On wednesday, a man named Mithun Hansda accused of raping and killing of a minor girl was beaten to death by an angry mob.The incident happened in Ramgarh thana of Dumka district.Local newspaper Praphat khabar reports that, on Tuesday the girl had come to Jalwe village in Dumka district for a wedding. She along with a few others girls from the wedding party went to a nearby pond to take a bath where they came across Hansda who was in a drunken state, misbehaved with them.

Most of the girls managed to flee from the scene, however Hansda got hold of one of the girl. He took the girl inside the bushes near the pond and raped her.He then murdered her and threw her body among the bushes near the
pond.After that he went back to the village and joined the wedding party.

Later that day, when the girl did not return, her parents became anxious and began searching for her in the entire village.Soon the girls who were at the pond revealed about the incident to them.Angry villagers then accosted
Hansda, however he denied that he had raped the girl or is related in any way to the disappearance of the girl.

On Wednesday, the villagers tied Hansda to a tree and beat him up mercilessly.This time however, Hansda confessed to raping and killing the eight-year old girl. He also revealed where he has dumped the body of the girl.Hansda later on died due to the beating, reports Prabhat Khabar.

Meanwhile the police has recovered both the bodies of the girl and that of Hansda and have been sent for post-mortem.

Following the gruesome incident, the situation is very tense in the entire village.


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