*Image showing School children watching the movie

Book A Smile, together with Round Table India, collected 13,626 children in 40 cities to see "Toilet: A Love Story".388 children were also shown in Ranchi.

India's largest online entertainment ticketing platform Book My Show, in collaboration with Round Table India (RTI) today organised a special screening of the new Akshya Kumar starer movie "Toilet - Ek Prem Katha" for the
children of less privileged and deprived section of our society.This was a pan India event as 13,626 children were chosen from across India.

Three chapters of Ranchi of Round Table - Ranchi Anchorage 160, Ranchi Samritanas 244 and Ranchi Utopians 284 jointly showed this movie to 388 children. Children from Balika Education High School, Yogoda Satsanga Vidyalaya and Asha Angoo had come.Children were also given popcorn and cold drink.

To improve cleanliness standards in our country, making toilet has become one of the major issues today. The purpose of showing this film to the children is to put a good habit of cleanliness in them. RTI shares our Prime Minister's vision of liberating India from open defecation.

President of Round Table India Christopher Aravind said, "We are very pleased to work with Book A Smile for this initiative. Screening of the movie was very successful. The film helped in spreading awareness about cleanliness and hygiene in our country. We are looking forward to connecting with many such issues, which will help in spreading awareness about cleanliness and hygiene in our society."

Book A Smile head Farzana Cama Balpende said, "Movies can be a great and very good tool for taking inspiration. Films can play a big role in spreading awareness about serious social issues in different sections of the society.For this purpose, we decided to take more than 16 thousand children to show "Toilet : Ek Prem Katha". Due to the viewing of this film, the children got a chance to go on a perfect day out and enjoy recreation. More important, we hope that with our joint efforts we have been able to leave a positive impression of long-standing in the hearts and minds of the children.

Book A Smile is a charity initiative of India's premier online entertainment ticketing booking platform, My Book Show. It was established with the aim of spreading awareness of serious social issues and filling new color of excitement and enthusiasm in the lives of less fortunate children of society.This initiative invests the energy in an invited community, which opens the doors to new possibilities for them. The purpose of this initiative is to create new colors of enthusiasm through different streams like cinema, sports, autos, theatre and music, in the life, activities and experiences of disadvantaged groups.

Round table is an institution where there are young people who build schools and also do social work. This institution is in 67 countries and has 65000 members in it. In India it is in 105 cities and there are 4000. Since 1997, Round Table India has created 5736 class rooms in 2371 schools,so that 60 lakh children have benefited.

This Initiative of Book A Smile has been illuminating the life of various sections of society since 2014. It has been linked with Book My Show website and an app. Funding is being organized to generate awareness among the serious and special social issues under this initiative, along with the long-distance customer base of Book My Show.Any customer purchasing movie tickets from Book My Show can contribute up to 1 rupee from 1 rupee to more than 5 rupees on its behalf in this initiative. For more information please visit https://in.bookmyshow.com/donation/.

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