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Federation of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and Industries(FJCCI) is perhaps one of the most delicately balanced platform of businessmen in the state.In its annual election,while one group of candidates offers lunch to voters,another group of candidates hosts dinner.

In 2017,the FJCCI poll is slated to be held on August 27 at Marwari Bhawan,located along Harmu road in Ranchi.

The elected executive committee comprising 21 members with one President,General Secretary and five posts of Regional Vice Residents,each representing the divisions by the state administration will be at the helm of affairs for the next one year.

In all,FJCCI has over 2500 members.They were eligible to vote,provided their dues are cleared.To be a member,the businessman or industrialist has to pay Rs 25000 to FJCCI.

Normally,candidates are divided into two groups,each consisting of 21 members.The scene is no different this time.And as such,one group is being led by ongoing general secretary Ranjit Garodia.His rival group is led by Mukul Taneja,a senior FJCCI member.

Any one of these groups with more number of elected members will choose the president and general secretary from among themselves.Shankar Singh,a hotel owner,who was backing Garodia group said:"Our victory is certain.":

Alongside,Kumkum Kumari,a sweet shop owner who is supporting Taneja group said,"We consider majority of its candidates were business friendly."

Among these candidates were Kishore Mantri,a well known transporter and Dr BP Kashyap,a famous eye Doctor in Jharkhand. 

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