*Birsa zoo,Ranchi-Hazaribagh road,Ormanjhi,Ranchi

Both Birsa Zoo and forest officials were in shock and grief today trying to feed and protect leopards inside the zoo located along Ranchi-Hazaribagh National Highway.

After 18-year old Sita,a female leopard,had died due to a long ailment yesterday,the zoo was left with three leopards.Sita was brought to the this zoo from Gujarat's Junagarh based Shakarbag zoo on July 5,2008.

Since Sita's one leg was fractured,she found it difficult to move around.Aganist the average 17-year age of leopard,she lived for 18 years.After her death,Dr M.K.Gupta did post mortem.Though the post mortem report is not made public till date,her death was considered 'natural'.

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*Leopard courtesy- media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

Yet,Dr Gupta and others looked after her till end."Despite our efforts,she passed away peacefully",said a staff.Now,the zoo is left with three male leopards-Dharmendra,Hari and Karan who continued to entertain and attract visitors.

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