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At a time when the placement season has set in on the top technical education campus across India,high salary jobs were pouring on pass-outs at IIT(ISM),Dhanbad.

Goldm Sach and Maruti Suzuki have selected seven students each for a package of Rs 32 lakh and Rs 8 lakh each respectively.Cairn Energy listed six students for Rs  13 lakh each.

Schlumberger recruited five students for Rs 32 lakh while Samsung R&D selected three students for Rs 25 lakh each.De Shaw & Co and Accenture picked up one student each for Rs 31 lakh.

More,Tata Motors listed 21 students for Rs six lakh each whereas 12 for Flipcart at Rs 24 lakh each.Samsung Bangalore and Future First for Rs 18 lakh and Rs 12.5 lakh respectively.Even gammon India recruited seven students for Rs six lakh each.Tesco Technologies hired five for Rs 17 lakh each and Exxcom Mobil two for nine lakh each.

If IIT(ISM) Dhanbad training and placement officer Amit Dixit is to be believed,nearly 50 percent of its total pass- out students had already got job on the campus recruitment process."More companies were scheduled to arrive to recruit.We are sure many other pass outs will not remain unemployed." 

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