As many as 26 Schools from the state of Jharkhand came together in a felicitation workshop under Karo Sambhav school program in Ranchi on December 18,2017, to honour their commitment towards working for a sustainable environment. The principal partners sponsoring this programme are Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo.   

The ‘Felicitation Workshop’ was organized by Change Alliance Pvt. India Ltd and School Partner DAV Public School, Hehal Ranchi, as a part of the ongoing Karo Sambhav school programme. This program was launched on Dec 18, 2017.

Karo Sambhav school programme aimed at creating awareness on critical environmental issues e.g. Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipments (WEEE), engaging students on preventive environmental strategies like circular economy, and inspiring them to take actions in their daily lives. The programme enables development of 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication, ICT competencies and real-world problem solving, by deploying contemporary pedagogical practices in the classroom. We have designed a curriculum which enables development of teacher’s competence and empowers them to achieve the above mentioned goals.

For academic year 2017-18, the programme engaged 1000+ schools across India in alignment with the State Education Departments, and the State Pollution Control Boards. The programme is an enabler for ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Digital India’, and ‘Smart Cities’.

The program consisted of three phases divided over a period of 4 months.  In the initial phase, teachers were given a training on the specially designed toolkit for the programme, consisting of 6 exercises based on Circular Economy, Understanding Waste, Design for environment, E-waste introduction and Collection, Petitions and Potential career options in the field of Environment. Thereafter, teachers worked in their schools with the students on various activities, community projects and practical field-work.

Here are some of the highlights from the workshop:

  • 45 Teachers from 26 school participated in the programmes (DAV Public School, Hehal, DPS Public School, JVM Shyamli, Kerali Public School, 10 Government Schools, DAV Kapildeo Public School, Shishu Mandir groups of schools, etc.
  • Teachers felt the need to become responsible citizens to make the cleaner, greener and smarter city by taking up the awareness programme on E-waste management in their respective school.
  • Through students, e-waste awareness programme reach would cover to many households in the city and make recyclable chain more environment friendly and proper depositions with fair trade business.
  • Ensure socially security schemes of the government reach to the rag pickers, slum dwellings, etc.

Mr. A. K. Sinha, Director Ranchi Zone – DAV Public School group & Principal, DAV School Hehal was invited as Chief Guest, Johnson Topno, State Head – Change Alliance, Ms. Smita – Karo Sambhav, Delhi, Ms. Chandana – Coordinator, Education Programme, Change Alliance graced the occasion and motivated the Teachers to undertake campaign in their respective schools on e-waste management. 

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