*Has population of donkeys dropped in Jharkhand?Representational picture courtesy -photos.thenews.com.pk

Animal Husbandry Department personnel with their enumerators are gearing up to go door-to-door and count the livestock's in each household in Jharkhand where donkeys were disappearing.Reason?

The 20th national livestock census operation is expected to begin by February end in this state.The census data collection under the 'national' banner was supposed to be collected in 2017.

Though late,the census has to be carried out online in all 32,714 villages under 263 blocks and 1,145 wards of 41 urban local bodies across 24 districts of the state.In all,2,194 staff including 1,516 enumerators,374 supervisors and 304 verifying officers are going to be deployed in the operation.

Live stock census is part of the government's move to measure growth in population of animals,including bovine,goat,horse,donkey,dog,rabbit,poultry and ducks,that play a major role in the rural economy.

"Training of all staff to be deployed in the operation has been completed",said AHD Director Vijay Kumar Singh.

Notably,in 2012 livestock census,Jharkhand contributed 4.57 % to India's total livestock.That year it recorded decrease of 0.58 % in its livestock population compared to 2007 census.Among these animals,donkey's population had dropped by 53 % between 2007 and 2012.As a result,merely 381 donkeys were left in Jharkhand,as per the 19th National Livestock census(2012)report. 

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