*DPS Ranchi students posing to unit and save the Mother Earth.

Top environmentalists want people to collectively resolve to stop the pollution caused by plastics if they wished to conserve the earth for posterity.

"For the safe future of our children, the earth must be protected and conserved. We must collectively resolve to make efforts towards this," says a politician in a message on the eve of World Earth Day celebrated on April 22.

The theme for the Earth Day this year is "End Plastic Pollution"."Plastic is polluting our forests, rivers, and oceans. Its ill-effects were being felt in human life. Earth for Indians is equivalent to "mother" and we must save it for posterity by changing our behaviour towards it," he said.

In Ranchi, students of DPS took part in a function and its press statement said:"What we save, saves us"."It is a day to remind that the planet we live on is not our property, but a responsibility not to destroy earth's forest, reefs, wetlands, and other ecosystems", said the report. 

The students staged the glorious past of the planet, the dangerous present, and horrifying future."The gift of earth is the gift for all...The melting glaciers, the frequent occurrences of earthquakes, the sudden change of environment... and what else are we waiting for", asked the report.

The school principal Dr. Ram Singh took the moment to remind that,"we don't have planet B', so the call of our mother earth is worth listening and responding to", he observed.

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