*Representational picture courtesy Parsi Khabar

Nano, the world’s cheapest car, is almost dead in India. It was almost 10 years old.

The Nano’s death is evident from its production numbers: Tata Motors Ltd. produced 1 unit in June, down from 275 in the same month last year. More, exports were zero, versus 25 in June 2017, reports hindustantimes.com."The company acknowledged that the car in its “present form cannot continue beyond 2019.”

The death of this “people’s car,” as Tata Motors had branded it in 2008, has its own story. It failed to meet the expectation of consumers. Most of them wanted the cheapest car while remaining value-conscious.Ultimately,hindustantimes.com report opines that the lesson for automakers in India is fame is of no use if the end result is a second-rate vehicle. 


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