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The year-long wait for the final celebration of the year is just five days away and the Christmas market seems already glittering in Ranchi.

Along Main Road, stalls put out look festive season is back with Santa Claus figuring in the air. This makes festivity grip the lanes of Mahatma Gandhi Marg (Main Road), Church Road and nearby markets of the Capital City.

Most shops in Church road are filled with Christmas decorations and vibes of happiness. Rush can be spotted showing the swarm of customers, who are going to flock the stores for bells, stars, lights, trees and all those little beautiful things that are not enough, to sum up, the happiness this festive season brings in the minds and hearts of everyone. 

Whether children or adults, everyone can be seen in the market of Main Road busy in shopping and checking out new decorative pieces.

Whether its flickering ball of light that sits atop the Catholic Church or Protestant Church or Christmas tree or the ping pong glitter balls that hang with their branches, the stars, beautiful papercuts or the glowing Christmas hats, there is a spark in everyone's eyes and smiles on their faces.

Incidentally, this Christmas has some fresh new things to be bought in the market. For instance, conventional X-Mas bells, balls and stars have got some new glow-ups, being available in various luminous styles. 

Customers do not need to take rounds of too many shops, for a brand new all in one decorative packet is available in the market this time. Santa Claus caps are an absolute trend. The artificial x-mas trees are ubiquitous in the market, certainly indicating the vanishing concept of potted x-mas trees. 

Yellow and ferry lights stay in demand as always. Along with these irresistible and must check outs the market is full of excitement and bliss for this much- awaited celebration.

One shopkeeper on the Church Road area said that this time they have a special type of lighting balls that can be used instead of old plastic balls and would look best on Christmas tree. The shop also had crackers on sale.


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