Rajya Sabha MP Parimal Nathwani has urged the Government to improve the infrastructure of schools in Jharkhand.

Making a special mention in the Rajya Sabha today,Nathwani said that “conditions of basic infrastructures in schools of Jharkhand available for boys and girls are pitiable. Schools neither have drinking water facilities nor good toilet facilities for children.”

Further he said as follows:

“Most of the schools do not have separate toilet facilities for girls. If it is there somewhere then also it is in a very bad shape. In absence of these facilities, most of the parents avoid sending their children, particularly girls, to school.

This is the reason the number of girl students is dwindling constantly in schools. In accordance with a report of ‘Pratham’ – an NGO, 9.5 per cent schools do not have drinking water facilities. In 12.5 per cent schools, there are taps and tanks but there is no water. 16.4 per cent schools lack toilet facilities.

Though 46.6 per cent schools have toilets but they are in dilapidated conditions. Only 37 per cent schools are equipped with reasonably good toilets. 25.3 per cent schools do not have separate ladies toilet. Although 19.3 per cent schools have separate ladies toilet, they are closed and 23.4 per cent toilets are in very bad conditions. Only 32 per cent toilets are useable.

I humbly request the government, therefore, to improve this situation in Jharkhand and make provisions for the same.”

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