Raghubar Das government has set a record of sorts by building concrete structures during its five year term-2014-2019. Each looks yellowish as if the mother earth was raped in what was once a green bed of Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand.

The scene is visible everywhere. The right place to have a look at it is Near office of the Ranchi Deputy Commissioner, upcoming area of so-called 'core capital', Dhurva and Morahabadi Maidan. All these sites were full of greenery. Today, they look yellowish.

Many citizens protested against it. Newspapers published stories, but in vain. The contractor driven government system appeared to have been successful. Consider these facts, each is connected with building construction by the state government body-Jharkhand State Building Construction Corporation Ltd (JSBCCL).


1. Rs 465 crore Jharkhand Assembly new building. It is located in Dhurva where the state government is in the process of setting up 'Core Capital Area.' It is likely to be completed by September this year.

2. Rs 216 crore costing 400 houses under rehabilitation and restoration program are to be handed over to the beneficiaries in September this year.

3. Rs 1566.69 crore New Secretariat at the Core Capital Area in Dhurva.The plan and its proposal sent to the empowerment committee.

4. Rs 1,904.29 crores worth four hospital buildings, each claiming to be 'state of art' 500 bedded hospital in four district towns-Palamau, Dumka, Hazaribagh and Jamshedpur.The deadline for completion of these hospital buildings in November 2021. 

In addition, a number of collectorate buildings, divisional offices and court buildings have been constructed and handed over in various districts to concerned officers during the BJP government led by Mr Raghubar Das.

5. Two new Medical Colleges, one each in Chaibasa and Koderma worth Rs 653.59 crore are coming up. “The work of DPR preparation, tender floating and work order has already been done and the deadline to finish the project is November 2021,” Sunil Kumar, JSBCCL MD said.

If Kumar is to be believed," three major universities' including Vinod Bihari Mahato University in Dhanbad, Nilambar Pitamber University in Palamu and Raksha Shakti University in Khunti are ongoing. notably, the DPR for the new building of Ranchi University has been submitted to the education department for approval.

“JSBCCL has completed around 400 projects till date, some of which date back to 2004,” Kumar said in a press conference without uttering a word whether any quality check was carried out on the common charge that each of these buildings was built on 'over budgeting sum' spent.

The sad thing is there were a number of colleges and hospitals. Each lacked cleanliness, teachers and doctors worth their name. 

Though buildings of hospitals and medical colleges were constructed at high speed, no planned effort was visible to ensure knowledgeable, experienced and trained staff and teachers were appointed to raise these medical institutions for benefit of the people.

No wonder why the Das government faces a serious charge in public that these concrete structures were built hurriedly to earn lollies in the form of '25-35 percent commission. Forget about the utility of hundreds of crores of public funds spent in this state, the homeland of Adivasis.

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