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Believe it or not, palm oil is a type of poison that kills a human, especially children slowly.

Trust Dr Bhawna. She had worked as Councillor for paediatric surgery (PGI. She says she would like to make a small request to you. Please listen to her.

"Before that, I would like to share a small piece of information with you", she explained. 

"Many of you might have read today's newspapers that EMRI results say, majority of people having Heart Attack are less than 50 years old

*You will be surprised to know the culprit is Palm Oil. It's far far more dangerous than Alcohol and Smoking put together.

*India is the highest importer for Palm oil in this world.

The Palm oil mafia is very very big.
*Our children, who are the future, are at a big risk.

There is no fast food available in this country without Palm Oil

If you *go to our grocery store, try to pick up a children's edible food without Palm oil - you will not succeed.

You will be interested to know *even Biscuits of big companies are made from it, and similarly all chocolates*. We are made to believe they are healthy, but we never knew about *the killer Palm oil or Palmitic acid

The big companies like *Lays use different oil in Western Countries and Palm oil in India* just because it is Cheap

Each time our child eats a product with Palm Oil, the brain behaves inappropriately and signals to secrete fat around and in the Heart *This leads to Diabetes at a very young age.* 

The World Economic Form has projected that 50 percent of people who Die at young age will die of Diabetes and Heart Disease

*The Palm Oil mafia has made our Children addicted to Junk Food, leaving the fruits and Vegetables aside, which are Heart protective.

Next time you buy something for your child, see the label of the product. If it has Palm oil or Palmolienic oil or Palmitic acid, avoid buying it!

"We, have written to our Hon'ble Prime Minister and are also in the process of making similar letters from 1 Lakh Doctors across India to take some action to secure our future generations.

Once again I want to emphasize on impending danger to our children.

Please protect our Children. They are the future of our Country! 


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