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The book has concluded that the madrasa system of education has been wrapped in a time frame where the central part of the syllabus has not been changed for hundreds of years.

The book points out that little bit here and there, mainly lopsided additions of secular learning made. The authors explain that the decline of the madrasas from being centres of excellence to institutions of restricted learnings with dark clouds of stigma surround them.

Suggesting the need for change, the authors hold the opinion that madrasas in today's world are marginalised within the Muslim community. "The well-off, the well-read, the well-placed Muslims do not send their children to madrasas anymore."

More, the madrasas are short of resources, rejected by the well-heeled, and condemned by politicians.

In brief, this book, published by SAGE Select, appears to be an attempt to highlight the world of Indian madrasas and show how can they be modernised.


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