Call it a Khadi mask or Desi mask or a product of an innovative mind. This green mask was used by them to protect themselves from deadly Coronavirus.

All of them were Adivasis. The mask was manufactured by them inside their homes. Each mask was made of fresh and green Sal leaves. In the local language, it is in the form of a Dona(a Bowl).

They had covered their nose through the Dona in Khunti, the homeland of Birsa Munda, a veteran tribal hero.

This was visible among tribal men and women in Khunti on Day 1 of the 21 - Days Lockdown clamped across India following the announcement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 25.

Though this hand made eco- friendly mask is made of Sal leaves, it has an anti-mask feature. In the medically recommended mask, Oxygen intake into the user's nose and heart was filtered through technology. This was not so in the case of Dona masks.

Notably, not a single positive Coronavirus case was registered in Jharkhand so far.

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