*Pictures 1. Three RIMS doctors on duty at RIMS on Saturday afternoon. 2. Coronavirus Testing - Checking Centre at RIMS, Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand. 3.Lady doctor and a patient Inside RIMS Coronavirus Checking Centre 4. The lady doctor inside the RIMS Coronavirus Checking Centre on March 29, 2020.

In order to check the Coronavirus patient, the state government led by Chief Minister Hemant Soren has two Checking centres of Covid -19 infection.

One is located at RIMS, Ranchi. Two, it is located at MGMMCH, Jamshedpur. The RIMS Centre is located inside the left side of its entry lounge.

It is functional with a team of doctors. A lady doctor who does not want to be named was spotted checking patients who stood in a small queue.


According to the Centre, 179 suspected persons were checked since March 25. None of them had tested positive so far - till 5th day of total 21 -days long Lockdown being enforced jointly by the Centre and the state government in Jharkhand. 

The test of each suspected patient was carried after taking blood samples and throats swabs. The throat swabs were checked inside RIMS second floor on its college building.

Test facility to confirm the Covid -19 infection is only available at RIMS, Ranchi and Mahatama Gandhi Memorial Medical College and Hospital in Jamshedpur. 

At RIMS, the Checking and Testing Centre was found with disciplined security men, doctors and nurses. Each one of them were spotted wearing masks. They looked spirited. "We have no problem", said RIMS doctor who too does not want to be named for what he said - "security reasons."

" We are not empowered to communicate with the Press and media persons", opined another doctor.

They, who clearly looked confident, were on duty at 11.30 pm on Saturday.  

"We have sufficient medicines", said on condition of anonymity one of these four doctors www.jharkhandstatenews.com 
talked to.

As per the state government's directive, the department of health has set up more than 1,083-bed quarantine centres across Jharkhand. However, some RIMS' doctors were heard advising suspected patients to stay at home, 'stay safe'.

Notably, Jharkhand has so far not registered a single positive case of Covid- 19 infections till date. 

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