As the focus of the administration has been shifted due to COVID-19 towards healthcare, quarantine, and food distribution, certain sectors such as sanitation and hygiene seem to have taken a back seat.

This might result in new public health issues post- COVID -19 pandemic period. Consider this.

1- Sewage from the houses of quarantined suspects and patients could lead to the fresh spread of COVID-19, if the microbial infestation is left unattended

2- Untreated sewage, if reaches the Water supply source, can lead to jaundice and diarrhea.

3-Untreated Waterbodies could result in a massive increase in mosquitoes and flies population, causing the threat of vector-borne diseases, like malaria, chicken guinea, filariasis, dengue and so on.

Against this background, it is imperative to keep all the water and sewage treated ecologically so that sanitation and hygiene is well maintained in the municipal limits.


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