*Picture shows Prachrya Muktrath and his yoga followers performing Hawan in Ranchi.

I wish the Coronavirus was gulped by smoke, because I won't be able to burn wood", said Krishna Kumar(13), one of the students of the Satyanand Yoga Mission for the Yoga group in Ranchi.

However, even this can't dampen his enthusiasm as he chants Gayatri Mantra- Sughandhim(aroma, fragrance)puushthivardham(give rise to good health). And simultaneously performs Hawan inside his house, over 3 km away from COVID-19 Hot Spot sealed and encircled by Central Reserve Police Force(CRPF).

Incidentally, there is no co-relationship between COVID-19 and Hawan, a Hindu religious ritual designed by ancient Brahmanic scholars to fight with viral and bacterial diseases of the humans.

Net data analysis demonstrates that the components of Hawan -a mixture of wood with odoriferous and medicinal herbs-are set afire in droplets while chanting of Gayatri Mantra or any other Vedic Mantra described in Rig Veda.

" In the process, this green -smoke produced at high temperature is considered as a simple way to seal inner parts of throat, heart and lungs and thereby can prevent the Hawan beneficiary to get infected by Coronavirus", reasons a Yoga guru.

"If prevention is better than cure, Hawan- mixed wood particles, fire and smoke -helps herbs get vaporized by offering them into the sacrificial fire", said another yoga teacher.

"When this herbal smokes pores of the skin and enters the human body through nose, eyes and nasal in a gaseous form, it can clean the body and disinfect the air. And as such, Hawan can be performed to prevent infection of Coronavirus", said Kuldeep Marty, a yoga guru.

Even Acharya Muktrath of Ranchi, who has been performing Hawans( see picture carrying yoga teachers and students led by him) regularly, echoes identical sentiments."You will not lose anything, but you are sure to gain in coronavirus environment", Muktrath said

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