*Picture shows Sikhs doing self-less service to migrant workers in New Delhi on May 23, 2020

If nothing is the biggest happiness provider than offering selfless service to humanity, Sikhs seem to be ahead of many others.

How? Simply by gaining it through applying bandage and giving medicine and food to the migrant workers who carried wounded legs.

This was visible in New Delhi where thousands of migrant workers were spotted walking along highways to reach their home.

While walking and walking through the relentless highways towards their homes, many suffered wounds in their legs." 

This prompted us to join hands and bandaged them, provide them medicine", Sukhdev Singh, a businessman based in Safdargubj Enclave of New Delhi told www.jharkhandstatenews.com.

Most Sikhs believe that there can never be an ideal religion beyond humanism; beyond love and care for fellow human beings. 

One of them quotes Swami Vivekananda saying " If you do Dharma...you can ask God for rewards. But if you do good Karma, God has to give you far more than you could have asked for", 

Another Sikh youth who does not want to be named said that "God showers happiness on those who do self- less service."

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