* Image shows the food being served by the Soren government among migrant workers who were quarantined after they landed in their homeland- Jharkhand districts.

Call it healthy exercise of the state government led by Chief Minister Hemant Soren. It has been launched to prevent fatality among migrant workers due to coronavirus attack.

How? By providing and serving food rich in organic food, high in protein, medically considered an effective measure to boost immunity among migrant workers.

Alongside, social distancing was also being made to be followed by these migrant workers who had landed in lakhs.

After they landed in their homeland- Jharkhand, they were put up in quarantine centers."There the state government is providing nutritious food daily so that people can increase their immunity." said the state government in a statement.

Notably, regular monitoring of the quarantine centers is being taken note off by the Deputy Commissioners in various districts, it is learnt.


Another innovative move of the Soren government was visible at the block and panchayat level where the administration has mobilised locals to do social policing.

By this social policing, the government is reaching out to the people and making them aware connected with it. "Work is also being done to make people rise and shine and help prevent Corona Virus infection", said Sudhir Pal, a civil servant. 

"It is not possible to prevent it unless people are aware of the infection. For this, the village head, Mukhiya, Anganwadi Sevikas, Sahayikas, watchman, school committee, teacher etc were engaged in the work of making people aware of the Corona Virus infection", claims the state government.

Alongside, new TruNet machines have been installed in various districts of the state for the testing of Coronavirus. 

"The installation of this machine has accelerated the process of testing. The government is taking good care of the health of the infected person, due to which the death rate in the state is 0.93 percent as compared to the whole country, while the recovery rate is 42.10 percent", claims the government report.

To increase immunity in people, Ayurvedic immunity booster decoction has been prepared by District AYUSH Office, GUMLA with a mixture of 4 main ingredients. This ayurvedic immunity booster will help in preventing Corona Virus infection. 

Consuming this decoction 2 to 3 times daily can increase immunity. The ingredients used in the mixture such as basil, cinnamon, dry ginger and peppercorns have many medicinal properties."The consumption of this kind of food can prevent Corona Virus as well as other viral diseases like cough and cold", asserts a senior officer.

As per the state government's plan, in the coming days, this Ayurvedic decoction will be made available to all the laborers and other people in COVID Care Centers, Quarantine Centers and all the government and non-government offices at the district level.

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