*Representational picture showing pre-monsoon rain lash Jamshedpur and Ranchi on Monday morning

As sky looks dark with clouds with pre-monsoon rains and thundershowers continue, weather activities have kept temperatures under check.

Also, in the beginning of June, these clouds and rains have kept heatwave at bay.

Another Meteorological Department report available on the net is that the monsoon is expected to be normal in Jharkhand this year.

The New Delhi based IMD, in its first stage long-range forecast has predicted a normal monsoon in the country with 100 percent of long-period-range, with a model error of plus-minus of 5 percent.

On the basis of this forecast, the Ranchi Meteorological Centre has predicted 96 percent rainfall, with a model error range of plus-minus 4 percent, in Jharkhand.


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