*Owners of Ranchi Railway Station Road hotels protest against the Hemant Soren government’s decision to turn their five hotels into COVID Care Centres.

“Hai, Hai...”With these slogans, owners of hotels were protesting against the Hemant Soren government’s decision to turn five hotels into COVID Care Centres.

“We are victimised.No body took our consent and declared our hotels into COVID centre. This is illegal. We seek justice”, shouted a staff of one of the hotels located along the Ranchi Railway Station road, echoing the sentiments of many others.

In fact, with the rising number of Corona positive cases and the beds falling short for their treatment, the Soren government has turned five hotels into COVID Care Centres in the capital city of Jharkhand

The hotels where these Centres were located along the Ranchi railway station road near Gurunanak hospital.”This was necessary since private hospitals were not ready to accommodate Corona patients”, said a senior health officer on condition of anonymity.

There were 549 beds in Dedicated COVID hospitals, COVID Care Centre and COVID Health Centre. However, the number of active COVID patients was 759. Due to the shortage of beds, the 100 rooms of hotels and one banquet hall were registered as COVID centre.

In addition, the Dev Kamal private hospital management has struck a deal with 45-bed Banquet hall near ITI bus stand. It is meant for COVID-19 suspected patients. The doctors and nurses from private hospitals are supposed to be serving them.

As per the state health department’s guidelines, in the hotel turned COVID-19 positive patients will have to stay there for 7-10 days. Each patient will have to pay a sum of Rs 3300 per day. The rent will have to be deposited in advance. However, in the banquet hall, the per day rate fixed by the state government was Rs 2400 per patient.

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