The Coronavirus is spreading speedily in Jharkhand. On Saturday, three COVID-19 patients have turned dead.

Among them, one and two patients had died in RIMS, Ranchi and TMH, Jamshedpur respectively.

The RIMS' dead patient was 68-year old. He, a resident of Dhanbad, was admitted at its COVID ward on July 31. He was suffering from heart, respiratory, and kidney ailments and died on Saturday morning at 7.15 am. 

The two others breathed their last till late afternoon at TMH hospital. They were residents of Jamshedpur. Among them, one was 71-year old whereas another was 49-year old.    

 A comparative study shows that Jharkhand is now ahead in the rate of increase in the number of COVID-19 patients in the top ten states of India today. Where the number of COVID-19 patients was doubling in a period of days,it was doubling in lesser days in ten states.

Among them, the population was above five crores. These were six states of UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan,UP and West Bengal.

Alongside, the rate of growth in other states of Maharashtra, TN, Gujarat and Karnataka has come down.

In Jharkhand where the doubling rate was far below the national level, at 39.33 percent in June, has gone up to  11.92 percent now. This means that in just 12 days, the number of COVID-19 patients had got doubled up in this state.  


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