Dear friends/viewers,

Congratulations and best wishes on Independence Day.

We are proud to say that with backing and support of yours, has gained 4 plus out of total 5 Star rank awarded by the world’s top search engine- Google.

More, in 2012 when was launched with a slogan - Bridging Digital Divide-number of direct visitors was less than 30,000 every month.

Eight years later in 2020, the number of direct visitors has gone up and up to over 90,000 every month across the globe.In Jharkhand, its viewers are as much as their number in the national capital Delhi.

The prime reason for this upward movement of our digital news platform lies in publishing every story based on hard facts.

More, instead of ‘breaking news’ on the basis of ‘statements’ and ‘sources’, our news portal publishes every story based on indisputable information.

Now, is planning to incorporate two new pages. One on employment news. Two, on tender advertisements. The aim was to serve job seekers and service providers( contractors)in both urban as well as rural areas of the state and country at large.

We believe that with your wishes and reliance on our credibility, all staff and reporters of our eight year old news portal - oldest in Jharkhand- are confident to attain our goal- bridging the digital divide in society. 

Once again we are wishing you happy Independence Day 2020.


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