Investigations revealed that Chutia in Ranchi-based Jasmine hotel has been a venue of a sex racket.

The modus oprendi was simple.Use online links with sex racketeers in Kolkata and get women from there to provide sex service to its clients.

The police in Ranchi have arrested four people including two women from Jasmine hotel on Sunday. Two boys and girls were also detained from a luxury car near the same hotel.

Their arrest was the outcome of a “ tip off” received by the police at Chutia Police station. 

Two arrested women are learnt to be from West Bengal and brought to Ranchi as sex workers. Incidentally, Jasmine hotel has links to criminal activities, the police alleged.

The same hotel had hit the headlines after a dead body of a woman was found on its terrace. The body, too, was of a woman from West Bengal.

Now, interrogations of the accused revealed that the sex racket was running through online booking and sex workers were being sent to clients to designated places. “Several of the customers at the Jasmine hotel were also the clients of the now busted sex racket”, said the police.


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