CSIR-CMERI organised a Webinar entitled ‘Facilities and Technical Services of CSIR-CMERI’ on 24th August 2021. Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI, delivered the center-piece address for the Virtual Event. 

The objective of the Virtual Program was to empower the MSMEs of the Nation by providing them access to the State-of-the-Art, Advanced and High-End Equipments/Facility Infrastructure of CSIR-CMERI. The Webinar was attended by more than 65 officials from Central Tool Room& Training Centre, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Patna and Guwahati, Nagaland tool Room & Training Centre, MSME-DIs of Kolkata, Cuttack, Ranchi, Dimapur, Patna, Indo-Danish Tool Rooms of Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Industrialists and entrepreneurs.

Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur, shared that India aspires to be a ‘Global Manufacturing Powerhouse’ of the Future. The Government of India is also taking Rapid Strides in establishing the foundations of a robust ‘Manufacturing Economy’. 

India also aims to be a ‘Zero-Defect’ Manufacturing Economy, where there is a minimum tolerance for deviation from precision parameters. The primary challenge for the Indian Manufacturing Sector is enhancing the Cost-Effectiveness of Technologies without compromising the Quality parameters. However, there is an absence of a Linkage between a Sustained Innovative mindset and the Indian Manufacturing Sector. 

The requirement of continuous and Incremental-Innovation for the Industry is huge. This will help the Manufacturing Industry to understand the Indian Industry and Markets better and develop customised manufacturing practices tailor-made for the Nation. It has been observed that the Inherited Family Businesses have been doing great in expanding their businesses, however, a Technology-driven Innovative Mind-set will enhance the scope of their business opportunities and drive their business forward in an exponential manner. 

CSIR-CMERI is the custodian of numerous State-of-the-Art and cutting-edge Technology Facilities spanning from CAM-CAD-CAE Software, 3D Printing, Heat Treatment Processes, Failure Analysis Technologies and Water Testing and Purification Solutions among many others. 

CSIR-CMERI has opened up these Infrastructure for the MSMEs and the Aspiring Technocrats of the Future at nominal price. Access to these Advanced Infrastructure will provide an opportunity for the cash-strapped MSMEs of the Nation to explore novel domains in their businesses. Interaction with the highly updated and efficient Scientists/Technical Manpower of CSIR-CMERI will also provide exposure to the humongous knowledge-base of CSIR-CMERI for the MSMEs and future-drivers of the Indian Economy. 

The Centralised Pool of Talent in CSIR-CMERI can also provide Skill Development opportunities for MSMEs so that they have an understanding and access to the plethora of opportunities that technology can provide at today’s age.
CSIR-CMERI embraces a ‘Collaborative Model with the Markets’ whereby the Innovation Potential of the Institute is shared with the MSMEs and Start-Ups and partner them through their growth process. 

CSIR-CMERI is undergoing a continuous process of ‘Developing New Mechanical Systems’ as per the requisites of the Industries and the MSMEs of the Nation. However, to achieve Global Standards in Manufacturing, an Integrated Manufacturing Ecology is required which will have a grid of the latest Technology Facilities along with Advanced Testing and Measurement Facilities. This will help in the immediate assessment of the results/outputs of the existent Technology Facilities. 

An Integrated Manufacturing Ecology will help in achieving Manufacturing Excellence as it will substantially reduce deviation from established parameters. The Integrated Manufacturing Facilities will be the benchmarks of the Future for a Comprehensive Manufacturing Model.
CSIR-CMERI has already opened up its CNC Bay which includes 5 axis milling- DMGMORI-CMX70U, High precision CNC Lathe- SCHAUBLIN 125CCN, CNC wire EDM-CHAMER G43S, PLC Pipe Bending Machine and CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

The other advanced Infrastructure options for the Industry and MSMEs of the Nation include Fluid-Bed Heat Treatment Services, Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing services, Casting-MIM and Forging, CNC- Coordinate Measuring Machine, Universal Profile Projector, Non-Contact 3D Surface Profiler, Horizontal Length Measuring Machine, Laser Interferometer Measurement System, Used Lubricating Oil Analysis Services, NDT-Metallurgical and Vibration Services, Development of Customized Inspection and Monitoring Systems, In-Situ Structural Stability and Analysis Certification Check, Destructive Testing and Certification (NABL Accredited) and Advanced Water Testing Facilities. 

Besides, CSIR-CMERI also provides Hydro-graphic and Bathymetric surveys of Rivers for assessing the Sustainability of River Water Resources. The Farm Machinery Testing Centre provides advanced Testing Facilities for various Agricultural Equipment and Tools. CSIR-CMERI has already partnered with and provided Technical Services to Tata Steel, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Vedanta, Dalmia, ISRO, IITs, NIT, NTPC, ONGC, MSMEs, Ordinance Factory Boards among many others.

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