Dhoni, who announced retirement from international cricket in 2020, has been struggling with the bat for the past two years, and at his age, there is a chance that he may be retiring from IPL as well as CSK player by the next season, Hindustan Times reports.

Addressing his future, Dhoni announced the possible venue of his last match as a CSK player.

"When it comes to farewell, you can still come and see me play for CSK and that can be my farewell game. So, you will still get that opportunity to bid me farewell. Hopefully, we will come to see Chennai and play my last game over there and we can meet fans there," Dhoni is quoted by Hindustan Times having said while interacting with fans during the 75th year celebrations of 'India Cements' held virtually.

We are a process-driven team, we believe in the process and we know that if we follow the process if we execute the plans well if we do the small things right, we will get the desired result, we know the result is a byproduct and that also keeps us calm," he added.

"We live in the moment and enjoy each other's company. We know that if we play to our potential, we can beat the opposition. If the opposition has to beat us, they have to play better cricket." 

In a reply to a question about whether he would be interested in a career in Bollywood after retirement from cricket, Dhoni said that it is not his cup of tea,


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