For the first time, the state government of Jharkhand state in eastern India has sought data on people’s expectations on its annual budget -2022-2023 from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi.

“We will assist the Jharkhand government as a knowledge partner in making the state’s annual budget more holistic and people-centric”, IIM RANCHI Director Shailendra Singh said.

The IIM Ranchi experts is expected to study the areas that require the attention of the government with the objective of ensuring that the budget has something for everyone and no section of the society feels left out, IIM Ranchi director Shailendra Singh is on record having said.

“We will also get in touch with experts from other parts of the country and prepare a report on the various areas that require the government’s attention during the budgetary allocation,” said Singh.

The state government has sought suggestions from commoners as well for the annual budget 2022-23, and IIM Ranchi has been roped in to study the suggestions and make a detailed report for the government, said Jharkhand’s finance minister Rameshwar Oraon.

“As a knowledge partner, IIM Ranchi will assist the government on ways to proceed with the suggestions that we get from commoners for the annual budget. The institute will help us identify the areas that require our attention and also share insights from subject matter experts,” said Oraon.

The institute would incorporate suggestions from people belonging to different age groups and sections of the society in its report in order to make the budget more holistic.

“Thousands of suggestions will be shared with the government, and our role here is to study all the suggestions and prepare a report that will help the government make the right decisions,” said the IIM Ranchi director.

This is the first time that IIM Ranchi has been roped in by the Jharkhand government for preparing the state’s annual budget. The institute was established in December 2009 and operated out of a temporary campus till 2021. 

The institute currently offers at least six courses, including Ph.D. and integrated MBA, and has students from places as far as Kerala and Rajasthan. It also offers executive management courses for working professionals, who mostly attend classes online.

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