*The Jaunty Plus model is powered by a 60 V/40 Ah advanced lithium battery along with a high-performance motor.

AMO Electric Bikes has launched its new new electric scooter -Jaunty Plus. 

Priced at ₹110,460 (ex-showroom), the new electric scooter comes promising more than 120 km cruising range on a single charge. Scheduled to go on sale from February 15 this year through the company's 140 dealerships across India, Jaunty Plus is expected to boost the country's bulging electric scooter market.

Before the Jaunty Plus electric scooter hits showroom across India, here are some key facts about this new EV.

Amo Electric has priced the Jaunty Plus at ₹110,460 (ex-showroom). The electric scooter comes priced competitively against rivals like Ola Electric S 1 and other e-scooters in the country. The scooter will be available in dealerships across India from 15th February 2022.

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