Lawyers, Monkeys and the Temple of Judiciary have a linkage in the national capital of India.This came to light today in the Delhi High Court.


The Delhi High Court today advised  advocates, litigants and staff members to strictly refrain from feeding monkeys inside the court premises. 

In a circular issued by its administrative branch, the high court earlier made a request to all concerned persons to ensure that the windows of court buildings and all blocks are not left open or unattended.

“All the advocates/litigants/staff members of this court are also requested to strictly refrain from feeding monkeys within the court complex," the circular signed by Deputy Registrar Javed Khan said. 

Incidentally,the court had issued a circular on February 28 ordering that no stray animals like monkeys and dogs can be fed within its premises.

The court had said that it had come to its notice that some of the advocates, litigants, staff, police and CRPF personnel were “still feeding stray animals" despite directions being given to the contrary.

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