The Hemant Soren government has allowed religious procession on the occasion of the forthcoming two festivals - Sarhul and Ramnavmi in Jharkhand.

These two Sarhul and Ramnavmi festivals are slated to be celebrated on April 4 and April 10. As per tradition, during both these festivals, processions are taken out across the state.

However, in view of the Covid- 19 pandemic, the state government has used the Disaster Management provision to allow religious processions with a set of conditions.

One, the number of groups in the procession will not exceed 100 members.

Two, the total number of persons in the procession will not exceed 1000.

Three, DJ and loud music will not be allowed.

Four, the procession will end before 6 pm.

The notification of these conditions was issued by the state government following Disaster Management Rules. The state government’s notification is enclosed with this story.

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