When asked a traveler who had visited Ladakh to spend quality time in this pick of summer on May 1,said, he returned ‘safely’ from Kargil.

What did he mean as there was no threat from China. No land slide had taken place.The traveler explained the reason saying there was no Coronavirus threat in any part of Ladakh.

In fact,unlike Delhi and Mumbai where the number of Coronavirus patients was increasing, the Ladakh's coronavirus tally has remained unchanged at 28,246.There was no new infection reported in the Union Territory during the past 24 hours, PTI reports quoting official sources.

The same report confirms the traveler’s opinion that Ladakh is secure even though the tourists were many.And yet,there was just one more patient recovering from the infection during the same period, he said.

Even the number of active cases has grown down to three in Leh district. Importantly,Kargil district has already become coronavirus-free,PTI report based on “ official sources” confirms this.

Reports indicate that there no virus-linked death which took place recently as the death toll from the pandemic had also remained unchanged at 228 with 168 in Leh and 60 in Kargil.

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